Why start a blog?

Yes, we here at Festival Mozaic are diving into the social network with both feet.  We are starting a blog.

But don’t expect this blog to be the same-old, same-old.  After all, we are Festival Mozaic, home of extraordinary music performed by extraordinary artists in extraordinary spaces.  So here’s the plan for this new venture:

We’ll take you inside the music.

Sure, you’ll find brilliant program notes by Dr. Alyson McLamore in your concert program. But here, that information on composers and pieces will gain depth and breadth with mixed media like photos, video, and audio clips.

We’ll bring you closer to the musicians.

Scott Yoo

Festival Mozaic’s unmatched artistry is no mistake: Conductor Scott Yoo seeks out and cultivates relationships with some of the world’s finest musicians to perform here on the Central Coast.  This blog will feature guest bloggers from among the orchestra (as well as Scott Yoo himself) to share their take on playing the Festival, as well as featurettes on how they spend the rest of their year.

We’ll introduce you to your fellow listeners.

Festival Mozaic at Chapel Hill

Music – or any other art form, for that matter – can only exist so long as there is a composer, a performer, and an audience.  Without you, all would be silence!  This blog will allow a center space for faithful Mozaic-goers to share encounters with the music and thoughts on what it means to listen.

If you’d like to follow the goings-on of this new blog, please click “Subscribe” to receive new posts published in real time directly to your inbox.  We certainly hope we do.


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