Tradition: Why We Are Bringing Back the Festival Poster

Festival Mozaic has been a vital Old Posterspart of the local, statewide and national performing arts community for more than four decades. Over the years, our programs, artists and offerings have changed, but several things have remained the same: our passion for great music, our love of the San Luis Obispo community and our connections to our steadfast fans.


Earlier this week I was at Cafe Roma, celebrating California Restaurant Month. Cafe Roma is one of the oldest (and finest) restaurants in San Luis Obispo. And like many local businesses, their walls are lined with posters from the old days of the Mozart Festival. It’s something I’ve noticed ever since I arrived here two years ago; whether it’s a bank, an insurance agent, a restaurant or a law office, if it’s a community-minded business, there’s a Festival poster. Some people have complete collections in their homes. And our office walls are lined with them. For many decades, local artists competed for the honor of being a part of the festival, and this year the Festival Mozaic board decided to relaunch this old tradition.

2008 Poster


The deadline for submissions for artwork is January 31, 2013.  Proposals are requested from artists and/or artist teams interested in creating an appealing, attractive original work to be included on a promotional poster and marketing materials to showcase the riches of Festival Mozaic, a classical music festival on the California Central Coast. The selected work of art will be printed on a promotional poster and will be featured on the Festival program book and other marketing materials. Click here for the complete request for proposals.

I’m excited to see what our creative artists will come up with next!

Musically yours,
Bettina Swigger
Executive Director, Festival Mozaic



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